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Our Programs

Our watershed development programmes enable the right conditions for agriculture,  helping people to cope with the recurring droughts, and the right democratic and social conditions in each village to help them live happy lives.

About Us

AF Ecology Centre has been involved in people’s empowerment Natural Resources Management (NRM) through Watershed Development, Drought Management, Environmental Development and Policy Advocacy since 1982.


  • Sustainable Agriculture and Sustainable Environment
  • Alternate Livelihoods & Diversification of Rural Livelihoods
  • Building Farmers organizations and mutual cooperation.
  • Freedom from Drought and Poverty
  • Restoring Human Dignity and Equity

Our Present Programme Focus

AF at present focuses on transforming the conventional HEIDA (High External Input Destructive Agriculture), to sustainable that is low cost, local resource based, eco-regenerative and small rainfed farmer oriented.

Present Strategy & Priorities

Our Strategic priorities for 2015-18:

  1. Strengthening CBOs and Participatory Process:

Strengthening the CBOs of farmers with emphasis on Gender and social equity, so that they play more and more active role in PPIME (Participatory Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation); and be proactive and responsive to any of their needs and problems.

Fighting Drought In Anantapur

Press Clippings

Planting Paddy in Anantapur

Accion Fraterna have setup this Paddy reference plot for GHG monitoring as part of FCN-EDF Pan India LCF Coalition -

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